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Welcome to PCI Connects — Where we Bring Modern Day Solutions to Today’s Public Education Challenges!
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Think of PCI as your Wikipedia of prevention education; An open source resource of training, teaching tools and new technology for Firefighters, Fire and Life Safety Educators, and PCI trained Community Safety Facilitators. We understand the challenges faced by those, out on the front lines, trying to reduce preventable deaths and injuries, particularly those resulting from fires. We’ve met you, talked with you by phone, exchanged e-mails. We appreciate the public education challenges you face, like; 1. Limited personnel, 2. Limited outreach, 3. Limited resources, 4. Limited budgets! PCI Connects helps reach more people, more often, with better resources, and for less money! 

Pay it forward — Using and Sharing these incredible resources empowers us to keep creating:
  1. The First Step, to help revolutionize the way public fire and life safety education is done, is to join the PCI Public Safety Task Force of subject-matter-experts in the field, as well as professionals in the worlds of marketing, communications, leadership development and coaching. So, what’s your WHY PCI?;
  2. No one likes “reinventing the wheel” so when it comes to quality content we share and everyone benefits, including fire and life safety educators, their departments, and most importantly, the public they serve, be a PCI Connected Community;
  3. Become a “Community Safety Facilitator” and learn to use the “Fully Involved” Home Safe System for teaching children and how NOT to become victims of fire, burns, falls and other preventable causes found under one roof;
  4. Access to the PCI Training Toolkit a compilation of trainers and instructors gaining exposure and new opportunities in their area of expertise. We earn partial proceeds from promoting their programs and services;
  5. A PCI Connected Cause generates awareness by cross promoting and sharing of resources. Receive in kind donations, discounts, or part proceeds of PCI programs;
Why support PCI?

So that we can support each other in a much needed movement to redefine what a professional association for fire and life safety educators should be. Our focus is on the educators and the public they serve, not the politicians inside and outside of the fire service, and not ourselves! 

Tell us how you can Help Us Help Save More Lives!

The Fully Involved Home Safe Teaching System

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